Geitmyra Culinary Center for Children

Geitmyra Culinary Center for Children is a place where children discover the joys of cooking and eating good and healthy food. We believe that the joy of good food has intrinsic value. We are also convinced that this joy contributes to children making better food choices and understanding that each time they cook or eat, they are participants in a food chain; we are co-producers, not simply consumers.

Some children come here through a school project that we run in cooperation with the education department in Oslo. 6th graders spend an entire school week with us, and learn not just to cook, but also where their food comes from. They spend time gardening and picking vegetables, herbs and fruits or tending to the chickens. They dig in the ground and study the fascinating processes going on in the compost heap. We also have day visits from school classes and kindergartens and we arrange courses and activities during school holidays.
In the evening and during weekends there are classes for kids and families that want to learn to garden, cook or bake. Four to six times a year we arrange “Open farm” days, where we invite families to come and join us in exciting food related activities, from pressing apples or foraging for delicious wild greens to making sausages or sushi.

We also have an online database of teaching resources for schools around the country wishing to implement our methods in their daily work.

Geitmyra Culinary Center for Children is a non-profit foundation. We are funded by grants from the Government (especially the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs), and private organizations and businesses. We are located in a mid-18th century farmhouse in the middle of Oslo and have a long-term rental agreement with the municipality of Oslo.